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ORPGA Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 1 - January 2000

Formation of the ORPGA

Early in November of 1999, the ORPGA (Oklahoma Role Player Game Association) was established to foster the growth of RPGA and the local conventions of Oklahoma. The primary founders were Michael Kirk, Dan Deasy, Jeff Hertel, and myself, Gerald Griffin. Each of these members have specific duties under the formation. The first goal was to establish local Game Days so that RPGA members could play rounds during months were there were no conventions. The first Game Day was in November which contained some interesting Knight rounds. All future Game Days will be listed in the Convention Calender of this Newsletter. To further develop the RPGA in the state the Game Days will be held in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and the rounds at each will be different, so players are encouraged to play at both. There will be a $5 dollar charge per person attending the Game Day to offset expenses.

New Alliance Formed

This month the ORPGA formed alliances with Game HQ in Oklahoma City, and the Game Shop in Tulsa. Both establishments will be the sponsors for each of the Game Days in their city and will be providing advertisements for each event. This is a welcomed event because the RPGA has been defunct in Tulsa for a while and the Game Shop has been an Icon for Gamers for years. The RPGA did fare better in Oklahoma City and Game HQ has been very eager to provide whatever assistance we have needed. So we would like to welcome Ben Hopkins of the Game Shop and Ron Palmatary at Game HQ, thanks guys for giving us some of the help we need.

Logo Design

Yes we need a logo, if interested just drop off your design at one of the Game Days and the winner will receive a cash prize and will be announced during the Weekend in Ravens Bluff Convention.

Master E-mail List

We are in the process of compiling a master list of e-mail addresses for all members of the ORPGA so that all members can be informed of all events, information, and special information that you might want to know before you show up to a convention. The e-mails would also include a convention calendar so that everyone can be informed as to what is going on. So many times I have heard “if I only knew”, well here is your chance to be informed. Hope to see you at our Game Days.

Living City Update

I am often asked where do you get the really cool stuff ? Well the answer is during the Living City Interactives. The Interactives are a unique opportunity for your characters to get some really cool equipment, strange proficiencies, certed animals, unique certed non-magical items, and the rarest commodity of all Certed land, Yes that is right, Land, to build anything you want on it, provided of course you follow the city’s building codes. To participate at an interactive you must be a guild or family member of the RPGA, and attend the only two opportunities that Oklahoma will have this year, Weekend in Procampur, or Weekend in Ravens Bluff. Both of these conventions will be Coordinated by none other than Jeff Hertel and Melissa Maurer-Hertel who both have spent much time and money to promote the RPGA in Oklahoma. Both events promise to be quite entertaining and as always a lot of fun, for more information you can contact

Article Submissions

If you would like to see an article placed in the newsletter than by all means e-mail it to me at If you would like to see living city questions answered then send an email to Thanks and hope to see your submissions soon, after all there is only so much BS I can put on a page.

The End ?

Nope. This is only the beginning, these newsletters will hopefully be published monthly and will be available at the Game Shop in Tulsa and Game HQ in Oklahoma City. Until next time. Gerald Griffin

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