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ORPGA Newsletter

Volume 1 Issue 2 - February 2000

Website Active

The ORPGA has now gone online, in fact this newsletter is also available online. The website will feature all of the up to date information available as well as links to other important sites. The convention calendar is also available on line and links to various conventions if available. If you are looking for information then check it out. We also link to other sites of interest and each month will have a Featured Links Highlight.

Featured Links

Well here are a few links that you should check out, first the ORPGA Homepage ORPGA Website and Tim Baily’s Moonrise at , just click on games and it will take you into the Living City Spell Generator which will allow you to download spells of any legal specialty priest in Living City as a PDF file.

Logo Design

Yes we need a logo, if interested just drop off your design at one of the Game Days and the winner will receive a cash prize and will be announced during the Weekend in Ravens Bluff Convention.

Master E-mail List

We are in the process of compiling a master list of e-mail addresses for all members of the ORPGA so that all members can be informed of all events, information, and special information that you might want to know before you show up to a convention. The e-mails would also include a convention calendar so that everyone can be informed as to what is going on. So many times I have heard “if I only knew”, well here is your chance to be informed. Hope to see you at our Game Days.

A Note from Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder

Original RPG character portraits: 11in x 14in - suitable for framing. $30 for black and white and $60 for color. (Will accommodate and negotiate custom sizes and media if requested.) This is a personalized internet based service. You provide descriptions and answer character questions as they arise via e-mail. All proceeds to defray past and future DarkCon expenses. For examples of work, see Contact for further details.
Editors Note:
This is in response to the failure of Darkcon and the expense incurred by Dan Deasy. During the formation of Darkcon last year several morons were in charge and totally screwed it up. Dan tried to fix the problem and came on as convention chair late in the game and did an excellent job salvaging the fiasco of Darkcon, but not without severe expense incurred. Jeremy is offering his services to help defray some of the costs incurred by Dan and we can only applaud his effort. I would like to commend Dan and Jeremy for their efforts and also our Regional Directors Jeff and Laurie Fox for agreeing to help Dan out with some of the cost incurred for Darkcon.


Well it is February and we have seen a second newsletter, who would have thought. Just when you though gaming in Oklahoma was dead we squeezed out another newsletter. Now some changes from last time. The website has been added and corrected, the major problem was that Jeff’s e-mail was not correct on the last newsletter, it has been corrected so if you have a question you can e-mail him at Other changes will be character profiles, each month a new profile will be featured so if you would like your character profiled e-mail me at and I will include them in future newsletters.

Article Submissions

If you would like to see an article placed in the newsletter than by all means e-mail it to me at If you would like to see living city questions answered then send an email to Thanks and hope to see your submissions soon, after all there is only so much BS I can put on a page.

The End ?

Nope. This is only the beginning, (fingers crossed) there is no doubt that these newsletters need to be published and I am already working on March’s that will be much larger than the single page of January and February. I should have the format and columns set for then. We did have a little growth last month and in the near future will be collecting dues. In future additions I will ask questions for feedback to determine what paths the organization will follow. With all that said I can hardly wait until next month, we have a lot of really neat things planned so I will keep you in touch.
Until next time.
Gerald Griffin

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