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Cupid Con

February 15th and 16th, 2002

Game HQ

SW 89th and Penn

Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 767-0370
With A Complete Interactive..........

Living City

A Kind of Magic
Day at the Races
News of the World
LC Interactive

Living Greyhawk

Torrock's Lair
X Marks the Spot
Future's Bright
Swamp Things

Living Force

Oblivion's Kiss
Blinking Eyes 1 - Quarters
Blinking Eyes 2 - Halves
Blinking Eyes 3 - Holes
Broken Orbits 3 - Tilnes Rising

Remember you need to be an RPGA Member to play the Living Greyhawk and Living Force and signed up with Organized Play to play the Living City Rounds

For more information contact Jeff Hertel

To the ORPGA Homepage for more information