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Who or What is Eldath ?

Eldath is the ...
Goddess of Singing Waters
Quiet One
Mother Guardian of Groves
Green Goddess
Mother of the Waters

Eldath is a Diety of the Faerunian Pantheon of Abeir-Toril. She is the Guardian of Druid Groves and can be felt anywhere there is calm and peace. She believes that all should live in peace and if that is not possible her Druids are there to restore that peace. If that means destroying vast amounts of Evil, so be it. She believes that enemies should be given the chance to convert before they must be neutralized. While she opposses Tempus she does not consider him a foe. Eldath resides in Elysium in the "True Grove". Her allies are Mielikki, Sivanus, Chauntea, Selune, and Lathander.
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